Once you have your DOMAIN PURCHASED and have set up your WEB HOSTING, you’re ready for WEBSITE DESIGN.

These days, we’re using WORDPRESS more and more as an infrastructure to set up websites, for these reasons: Dog Three

  • the software is free!
  • the setup of the infrastructure is easy, compared to a normal website
  • there’s thousands of free themes available to customize your look
  • one your designer (me) has set it up, then the site owner (you) can log in and customize the site, and add, update or delete content to your heart’s desire!
  • there’s thousands of free  plug-ins designed for WordPress, which allows you to extend the power of your site.
  • most new WordPress themes are “responsive” in design, meaning they collapse properly for viewing on tablets and mobile devices.

We can also take your old site material and transfer it over to a squeaky-clean WordPress theme for a fraction of the cost of designing a new site.