Udo Erasmus, PhD.


Udo Erasmus has pioneered the field of fats and oils in human nutrition with his ground-breaking research, education and product development over the last 4 decades. Because of Udo’s commitment to the field of fats and oils, there are now a variety of high-quality, EFA-rich oils available in health food stores and dispensaries around the world. Besides his work in fats and oils, Udo has formulated other high-quality product families such as digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Udo’s contribution to the fields of health and nutrition, along with his pioneering work to establish standards of quality for oil manufacture will continue to benefit humanity for decades to come. To find out about oils and Omega fats, begin with the FAQ section.  This will answer most common questions. For info on Udo’s various products, please consult the PRODUCTS pages.

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